Teru Teru Machou
Teru Teru Machou
Status Alive
Occupation Shikigami
Manga Chapter 16: Delicious


Teru Teru Machou is Machi's fourth shikigami.


He is muscular, has no legs and something like a sack as a head.


Contrary to his tough image, he has a benign nature and loves flowers.


He is very strong although not as strong as Rin. He can fly. He is very good at flower arrangement.


Long ago, he was summoned by his previous contractor to fight a four-eyed yōkai. He preferred to look at a nearby flower but was forced to fight. At the end of the battle, the yōkai was defeated but the flower was destroyed during the fight.

Years later, he became Machi's shikigami.


  • Ikuto (when he still rejected the supernatural) thinks he is a gorilla wearing a mask.

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