Tadanori (33)
Alias Nori
Status Alive
Age 33
Occupation Handyman


Region Western Forest
Home West Forest, Airantou (previously)

Tokyo, Japan (current)

Spouse Risa - Wife
Children Rin - Daughter
Other Relatives Ritsu - Mother-in-law

Katsumoto - Father-in-law
Riri - Sister-in-law


Tadanori is Risa's husband and Rin's father. He is the Tōhōin's private gardener also known as Nori. He only appears in the manga.


He has light colored hair.


When he was younger, he was a womanizer but was shy when it came to Risa.


He is an excellent gardener and handy craftsman. He is able to advise people on matters of love.


16 years ago, when he was 17, he was an apprentice craftsman and disciple to Risa. At one point he advised a shy fellow male islander named Kazyutoyo to confess to a female islander named Chiyori, helping them to become lovers. He also taught Takatora on how to impress girls.

Sometime later, he joined in the conversation that Suzuran was having with Risa after sexually harassing the former. He says that from his intuition that Takatora might have been looking for a present to give to Suzuran. Suzuran couldn't believe him but he and Karaage made some convincing arguments. He and Karaage tried to guess what kind of gift that Takatora would try to dig up, one of the guesses was a diamond. Risa thinks it might be a diamond but Suzuran rejected the idea saying it was a useless stone. Tadanori comments that if Suzuran keeps saying unromantic things she might become like Risa, being too late to marry; the latter promptly tells him to shut up. He then tells Suzuran that if she polishes up she could be a beauty in 2-3 years.

When he trying to coerce Suzuran to be with him, Risa chucked a hammer at him to shut him up. Risa complains to him about being indecisive to women and that he should just choose one as his true love. He argues that he does know who it was for a long time which made the girls and Karaage curious on who she was. He tried to say it was Risa but was too nervous and couldn't say it straight away and made the person impatient and disregard it. He then mentally reprimanded himself that he could easily say romantic words with every other girl but freezes up with the one he really liked. A day later he was one of the few people who witness Takatora asking Suzuran to marry him.

About half a year later he confessed his feelings to Risa and after becoming a full-fledged carpenter at her behest, was soon married to her. About 9 months to a year later his daughter Rin was born

About 3 years later, 12 years before the start of the story, he along with the rest of the men of Airantou were washed away by a storm. About 8 years later, 5 years before the story, he was hired by the Tōhōin family as a private gardener.