Ritsu 01
Status Alive
Age 49
Physical Attributes
Hair Grey
Occupation Carpenter
Rank Foreman
Languages Japanese
Home West Forest, Airantou
Spouse Katsumoto - Husband
Children Riri - Youngest Daughter

Risa - Eldest Daughter

Other Relatives Tadanori - Son-in-law

Rin - Granddaughter

Manga Chapter 12: Bewitched


Ritsu is Rin's Grandmother and the island's foreman.


She has grey hair and 3 cowlicks.


34 years ago, when she was 15, she gave birth to Risa. Sometime before that she got married.

4 years later, when she was 19, she found the cursed broom Muramasa that drifted from the wreckage of the Airantou. After getting lots of misfortune from the cursed broom she went to Yashiro at the shrine to seal it. She then kept the broom in a black box and kept it in the warehouse.

2 years later, when she was 21, she gave birth to Riri.

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