Age 34
Physical Attributes
Hair Red
Occupation Carpenter
Region Western Forest
Home House
Spouse Tadanori - Husband
Children Rin - Daughter
Parents Ritsu - Mother

Katsumoto - Father

Siblings Riri - Sister
Manga Chapter 12: Bewitched


Risa is a carpenter.


She is tall with long reddish hair and 2 cowlicks.


When she was younger, she was a bit brash and impatient. Due to the Meji-era custom of the island, she was very self conscious of her age.


16 years ago, when she was 18, she and Kagami came upon Suzuran who was beating up Karaage. She notes that there was a rumor that Suzuran was the strongest in the island. Risa also voices that if Suzuran kept acting like she was, she would scare off the boys and would be too old to marry. Suzuran replied that she would be like Risa which made her depressed.

Shizuka then appeared and tells them that it couldn't be helped since the ratio of men kept decreasing. She then note that in order to not be like Risa, the competition over guys will be harder. Risa retorts that it is not too late for her. Kagami then mentions that the men are so easy going compared to the women, that they are busy with work and care little of relationships. Risa then tells them that her younger pupil, Tadanori, always leaves work to chase after girls. She also mentions that he said that it'd be better if the island allowed polygamy; the other girls were disgusted by him. Risa, Shizuka, and Kagami then teased Suzuran about Takatora before leaving her.

Later at her own house, Suzuran and Karaage visited her to ask her about the shovel Takatora had. Risa then tells her that she did made a shovel for him but didn't know what he would be using it for but notes that he was fired-up for some reason, unlike his usual carefree self.