Myaa (human)
Status Alive
Age 40+
Physical Attributes
Hair Voilet
Languages Japanese
Home South Forest, Airantou
Spouse Shima-Tora
Manga Chapter 73: She's Eager To Show It?


Myaa is a nekomata and the wife of Shima-Tora. She only appears in the manga.


She is a two-tailed nekomata. The fur on her paws are darker than her coat. Her left ear flops down. She wears a collar with a big round ball bell. Due to her love of food, she got fat and is embarrassed to be seen by her husband in her true form.

She has a human form in which she wears loose clothing. She wears her hair in a left-sided ponytail (like how her left ear flops down in her true form), has pointy ears, two tails, wears her right stocking in a loose fashion and has large breasts.


She can transform into a human form; her transformation is instantaneous. She is able to do a rain dance with her husband to stop the rain in certain places.

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