Michiru (Cover Manga)
Kanji みちる
Status Alive
Age 16
Physical Attributes
Hair Violet
Eyes Black
Occupation Doctor
Rank Assistant
Languages Japanese
Weaponry Bow
Region Western Forest
Home Airantou
Parents Tsurara - Mother

Masamune - Father

Other Relatives Koto (Obaba) - Ancestor (Father's side)
Anime Episode 26


Michiru is a yuki-onna half-yōkai and is the village's assistant doctor. She is a direct descendant of Obaba.


She is a bit of a hikkomori. She likes to laze around and hates to go out in the sun due to being part yuki-onna.


Being a yuki-onna half-yōkai, she has amazing powers of ice and snow. A downside is that her half-yōkai blood makes her anemic in the sun. After contracting with Koyuki, she is better able to control her powers and is able to go outside more often. 

She is an accomplished archer and a good healer. 


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  • She is the first known person in the series to be a half-yōkai.
  • There is a running gag that most of the islanders keep forgetting her or her name. Some of the the exceptions are Ikuto and Ayane.

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