Status Alive
Age 31-32
Occupation Ninja
Rank Master
Languages Japanese
Weaponry Ninja weapons
Region Western Forest
Home Ninja Manor, West Forest, Airantou
Spouse Hanzou - Husband
Children Kunai - Daughter

Shinobu - Daughter
Mikoto - Daughter

Siblings Shizuka - Twin Sister
Other Relatives Kiyomasa - Brother-in-law

Chikage - Niece
Kagami - Co-sister-in-law

Manga Chapter 43: Nin-Nin Shite


Kokoro is the 37th head of the Senkage Ryu shinobi clan. She is also the wife of Hanzou and mother of Kunai, Shinobu, and Mikoto.


She has long hair which she keeps in a double ponytail. When she was younger she had shorter hair and kept in in a smaller double ponytail.


20 years ago, when she was 12, she sent a love letter written in cipher to Hanzou to meet each other for a date. During their date they took turns throwing caltrops at each other and talked to each other about love underwater. A year later, when she was 13, she and Hanzou were wed; the ones attending the wedding were off-put due to them marrying each other upside-down. A year later, when she was about 14 she gave birth to Kunai.

Two years later, when she was 16, she and her husband were trying hard to have a boy. About two days after Ayane was was born, she, her husband Hanzou, her daughter Kunai, her twin sister Shizuka, Kiyomasa, Kagami, Hideaki, Risa, Tadanori, Chizuru, Nagamasa, Machi, and Ayane watched as Takatora propose to Suzuran.