Status Alive
Age 33
Physical Attributes
Hair Black
Occupation Miko
Rank Low
Languages Japanese
Weaponry Paper Talismans
Region Western Forest
Home Shrine, Airantou
Spouse Nagamasa
Children Machi - Daughter
Ayane - Daughter
Parents Kikyou - Mother
Other Relatives Yashiro - Grandmother
Manga Chapter 6: Appeared


Chizuru is a miko, she is the wife of Nagamasa and the mother of Machi and Ayane.


She has long hair. She wears a blue hakama.


She is a competent miko though not as good as her grandmother Yashiro or her daughter Machi. She has multiple crab shikigamis. One of them is Genjikani which specializes in janken (rock-paper-scissors)

Her cooking skills are implied to be not that great but she can make very delicious mame daifukus.

She is a bit anemic and physically weak.


30 years ago, when she was 3, she witness her grandmother Yashiro seal the cursed broom Muramasa.

19 years ago, when she was 14, she married Nagamasa. 1 year later, she gave birth to Machi. 2 years after that, she gave birth to Ayane.

12 years ago, she alongside Bara, Shima-Tora, and Taiga helped her grandmother Yashiro shielded the island from the storm.

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